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Rotating 360 view of a nude female art model360 degree rotating view of a nude pregnant female art model360 degree rotatable reference photo of a nude African American femaleReference photo of a male and female art models in nude pairs poses as a couple for sculptors, painters, artists and art studentsRotatable 360 art reference photos of a nude female with spina bifida in her wheelchairRotating 360 art reference photo of a nude male modelPlus size nude female art model in a set of rotatable reference photosRotating 360 view of a slim nude female art model for use as a reference photo for sculpture, paintings and other student art practice

ArtModels360 provides high quality figure model reference photos for painters and sculptors and is also perfect for students.  The custom interface allows you to rotate the model 360 degrees to get the perfect perspective from any angle and most poses feature full 3D rotation including views from above.

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 Drag on the above image to rotate the view – Click on + icon to zoom

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ArtModels360 provides a number of unique and valuable features for sculptors and painters

  • A wide variety of models and body types so you will find real variety
  • More than 2000 poses to choose from
  • Clothing options including nude, form-fitting and fully clothed
  • Easy and intuitive to use – simply drag left and right on the image to rotate the model
  • 3D rotation is available on many of the poses. Simply drag up and down to rotate the model to see an overhead view
  • Quick and powerful search and filter tools  using the Pose Picker to find just the right pose
  • Download a high resolution grid of all angles photographed for future reference or to print
  • Full access to ArtModels360 for a full year is very affordable and provides access to all models and poses

A short video explaining ArtModels360’s features:

Use ArtModels360’s Pose Picker to find the perfect pose for your next project

The Pose Picker is always available just below the main menu. Use the check boxes to limit your search to just the type of models and poses you want. Use the Reset button at the bottom of the Pose Picker to clear all check boxes and start over.

Once a category is checked the Pose Picker will update its display of the number of available poses within that choice. Note that many of the choices are mutually exclusive. For instance, if you choose “Female” then you won’t find any male models with the female group.  If you want to see both male and female choices then leave both unchecked.

Two ways to view

ArtModels360 provides two ways to view each pose. If you like the interactive approach you can simply drag left or right on the image to rotate the model around a full 360 degrees. Drag up and down to rotate the image vertically to see an overhead view.  There are also small icons at the bottom of the image to rotate left and right. The “+” icon zooms in to look at fine details. Once zoomed in you can use the “-” icon to zoom back out.

If you prefer to work from a static view there is also a simple grid showing the various angles of view of each pose. Click on the grid to go open a high resolution version of the grid. The high resolution grid can be downloaded to your own computer for later reference or to be printed.

ArtModel360 grid view

Click on Grid View for full size image

Do you have a need for a specific model or pose? Let us know what you’re looking for and we may be able to provide it. If you need it there are probably others with the same need.

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