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ArtModels360 is on Kickstarter

Explore the site, then head over to our project page at to sign up as an early subscriber.

The basic website infrastructure for ArtModels360 has been built, but we need more models and poses.  The Kickstarter project is designed to generate enough up front to hire more models and quickly grow the site.

The Kickstarter project goal is $3,000. If we receive that amount (or more) in pledges by the time the campaign ends on June 28th then backers will be charged and ArtModels360 will receive the pledges. Once the Kickstarter is successful backers will receive a coupon code to register on ArtModels360 and we will begin rapidly expanding the site content. If we don’t reach the goal, then nobody is charged and we won’t receive anything.

There is also a stretch goal of $6,000.  If we’re able to exceed the basic funding goal by an additional $3,000 we will be able to add more cameras to create more 3D viewing angles and improve the visualization experience.

Since the Kickstarter project funding is “all or nothing” we are currently funneling all subscriptions through that process.

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us at